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William Dunlop gave Milwaukee Yamaha their maiden Ulster Grand Prix victory yesterday in Supersport race two after a thrilling battle with Kiwi Bruce Anstey. The 28-year-old also came of age in the premier class with third place in the Ulster Grand Prix Superbike race.

His team-mate Conor Cummins also claimed two podiums with third place in same Supersport race alongside William, and took the same step on the podium in the second Superbike encounter – after Dunlop stopped with a technical problem whilst disputing second place.

Supersport race two was only settled on the final lap on the run to the flag at the famous Dundrod circuit, with Dunlop taking victory by a miniscule 7/100ths of a second; his team-mate Conor, finished third behind Bruce Anstey. William also took the fastest lap of the race with a lap speed of 127.931mph on the sixth and final lap.

William’s best lap in the Ulster Grand Prix Superbike race was 131.983mph with Manxman Conor posting a lap of 131.438mph.

Dunlop said: “Missing out on a certain second place in the second Superbike race is disappointing but I’m delighted with the Supersport win after a tough race with Bruce. Normally if you lead into the hairpin on the last lap you win the race, but fair play to Bruce he came back past me. I was riding so hard and it could have gone either way but I squeezed him into the last corner and we got the win. A podium in the Superbike race proves the progress we have made on the big bike. I made a little mistake and lost the two on Michael and Guy, but we proved we have the pace, although seven laps around here on a Superbike is tough going. Thanks to the Milwaukee Yamaha guys for putting in a such a big effort; I can’t thank Shaun, Dale and the rest of the team enough.”

Cummins said: “The old days of Conor Cummins are dead and buried now. We’ve had a decent day with two podiums and my Superbike was flying in that second race, I just got a bad start. It’s been a great day for Milwaukee Yamaha, so a big thanks to the team and also to my personal sponsors for their continued support.”

Team Principal Shaun Muir concluded: “Overall I’m delighted really. We’ve had a win, a handful of podiums and we’ve come a long way this season on the roads. We started off pretty slowly at the North West and made baby steps at the TT. We haven’t gone backwards and that’s important, but this has been our strongest day on the roads and good progress for us to take into the off-season and the winter. I’m really pleased for William to get that win. He’s growing in confidence all the time and proved it in that battle with Bruce. With Conor it’s maybe just a little too late. He’s found his self-confidence in the latter part of the season, but in saying that, we haven’t signed anyone yet for next season. I think it’s fair to say Milwaukee and Yamaha can be proud of both riders.”


Ulster Grand Prix Superbike Race [7 laps]

1 – Guy Martin [Suzuki] 23:33.594s
2 – Michael Dunlop [Honda] +0.054s
3 – William Dunlop [Milwaukee Yamaha] +10.675s
4 – Bruce Anstey [Honda] +17.799s
5 – Gary Johnson [Honda] +20.069s
6 – Dean Harrison [Kawasaki] +44.562s

Superbike Race 2 [6 laps]

1 – Guy Martin [Suzuki] 20:15.158s
2 – Bruce Anstey [Honda] +4.043s
3 – Conor Cummins [Milwaukee Yamaha] +7.802s
4 – Lee Johnston [Honda] +17.005s
5 – Jamie Hamilton [Kawasaki] +20.763s
6 – Cameron Donald [Honda] +21.091s

Supersport Race 1 [6 laps]

1 – Guy Martin [Suzuki] 22:23.270s
2 – Bruce Anstey [Honda] +0.075s
3 – Lee Johnston [Honda] +17.827s
4 – Ian Lougher [Honda] +19.045s
5 – William Dunlop [Milwaukee Yamaha] +20.381s
6 – Conor Cummins [Milwaukee Yamaha] +30.289s

Supersport Race 2 [6 laps]

1 – William Dunlop [Milwaukee Yamaha] 21:01.674s
2 – Bruce Anstey [Honda] +0.073s
3 – Conor Cummins [Milwaukee Yamaha] +11.010s
4 – Michael Dunlop [Honda] +24.105s
5 – Dean Harrison [Yamaha] +34.197s
6 – Cameron Donald [Honda] +44.010s


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