Andrea Iannone to miss Laguna Seca

As a result of persistent shoulder pain, following last weekend’s crash at the Sachsenring during the FP4 session, Andrea Iannone has now undergone a further series of medical checks.

MRI and CT scans have highlighted a small fracture to the neck of the humerus bone in his right shoulder as well as a significant amount of blood accumulation and bruising, the main cause of pain and loss of strength. Luckily any damage to tendons and ligaments was ruled out, but nevertheless another ultrasound scan will be carried out in a fortnight’s time.

The Italian will now have a period of forced rest and will have to wait at least two weeks while the hematoma and accumulation are naturally absorbed. As a result the rider from Vasto will not be lining up on the starting grid for this weekend’s GP at Laguna Seca, but he is scheduled to return to the Championship starting at Indianapolis on August 18th.

A decision of whether or not to replace Iannone in the Energy T.I. Pramac Racing Team is currently being evaluated.


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